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Rear kyb strut Diameter??

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  • Rear kyb strut Diameter??

    Im working on a complete custom suspension setup on the front, but the rear will be the same as advanceddynamix in advanced suspension mods
    I will be posting a thread with pictures n all once I have all the parts and can get started

    Im trying to find out what the Diameter of the Rear Kyb Excel-G Gr-2 festiva struts are.. to get the right sized coilover sleeve, searched a lot but havent been able to find out.
    Hopefully someone here may know or be able to take a measurement, I know they are either 36mm or 1-5/8inch.
    I want to order all the parts but I dont know this one thing

    any help is appreciated

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    Ok well i am just a little excited about getting the parts I need, i jumped the gun on asking about this...
    I’ve found out I am going to go with mikemonlio’s ultimate street suspension for the rear.
    Just as a peek into my front suspension setup I have some adjustable koni cut a strut inserts. For which I am welding up some some strut sleeves with brackets to attach to the steering knuckle. Ordering the coilover kits and springs from southwest speed. Once I have those parts I can complete the front suspension and get started on my engine swap

    i will start my build thread once I get all my parts


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      The original "advanced suspension" from many years ago used the shortened stock KYBs, but that has long been replaced by using the MK1 VW rear struts.

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        Hello Tyler- I just got new KYBs GR2 gas,still in the boxes. (going stock on my '92).
        Rears are 1 5/8 inch diameter = 38+ mm. Shaft is 1/2" diameter or 12+ mm.
        Front s are 1.8" diameter = 45 mm. Shafts are about 18mm or just under 3/4 inch.
        Hope that helps - Bruce


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          Thanks for takin your time to do that Bruce, but I’ve ordered the parts a little while ago and got the coilovers put on my car already. I went with the ultimate street suspension setup for the rear