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KYB GR2's/FMS Springs vs. MK2 Coilovers. Opinions?

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    You would have to ask Roger from FMS about the length of the springs. Goodluck with him anwering the phone or responding to an email. About swaybars, there was a post of someone adding a bar to the rear beam and stating that it stiffened the rear. Adding a second bar to the aspire rear will stiffen up the rear and reduce understeer. I rarely drive fast enough to induce under/oversteer. Adding an aspire front bar will make the car more enjoyable for normal driving since there will be less body roll. Adding the larger engine/trans will change the balance as well. Perhaps adding the aspire front sway and rear beam along with a second rear bar would be a good set-up. You could change the second bar in the rear with a thicker one until you find the balance that you like. Kinda the same concept as in this video.
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      You will find information on the threaded beam from my build thread on page three, or through Tom's link to Leapin's conquest.
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        Originally posted by xaero_81 View Post
        Ty, non-daily driver as in not my work car. I drive 70 miles round trip and don't want to drive my B6T car. I plan on it just being my B6T "nice" Festiva. Autocross and strip occasionally.

        Postman, I am using your write up as a guide so if there are any tricks I may need to know in advance would be useful. How do the rears handle larger wheels? Need spacers?
        You wont need spacers for the rear right now i have 14'' wheels on car with no problem.
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          Originally posted by postman101 View Post
          You wont need spacers for the rear right now i have 14'' wheels on car with no problem.
          Depends on what 14" wheels tho. The Miata 14s are narrower (5 1/2"?) than my 6" wide Estrellas.
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            its all about offset and wheel width there is a good calculator for it in a stickied thread.

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