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Transmission manual oil fill

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  • Transmission manual oil fill

    Where is the transmission fill plug on a 1993 Festiva 5 speed?

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    On top of the transmission. Remove the speedometer cable. First unscrew the knurled thingy, then unscrew the 10mm bolt. There is a projection on the housing which is the full indicator. Be carefull as the tab which holds the bolt can break. To fill peope use a long nose funnel. I taped a hose to an ordianary oil fill funnel.

    PS Almost missed this. Belongs in repair and maintenance forum below.
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      Thank you so much


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        I take out the bolt holding the speedometer drive down with a 10mm box end wrench . I put visegrips on the speedometer cable hex and pull up on the vise grips you may have to twist, wiggle and tap on the vise grips but I've always been able to pull the drive this way.Full mark is on the Speedo drive, fill with the method of your choosing. Barely start the drive back in the hole with your hand twist it push it whatever you need to do to make the bolt hole line up, start the bolt by hand.Now get a piece of conduit, old lawn mower blade long extension,whatever set it on top of the Speedo cable hex and tap down with a hammer to seat the drive finger tighten again, seat again,snug it with a wrench.I do all this from the topside and guarantee you will never break the hold down this way.
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