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Transmission manual oil fill

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    Originally posted by BLACKESTSHEEP View Post
    OK, thanks 1990new, I ordered the socket sets and extensions you recommended, I'll get them in about a week in the mail.

    In the mean time, I'm going to to try to crawl under my car later this week and see if I cant get in there that way.

    WmWatt, In regards to chaining together 2 socket extensions, I only have the one 18" one right now, I'll be getting a 24" in my harbor freight purchase soon. The 18" extension didn't seem to bring it up and out far enough for me to get a proper solid turn on the nut, but I think the 24" will bring it out higher so I can really get a grip on that 10mm nut, maybe it was my mistake, and I didn't see another way to get a good angle on the nut, I'll look at it again later this week. I also think that 10mm nut has been in there for about 30 yrs now. I'm trying really hard not to strip it, but I dont know if I've been successful, lol I hit it with some PB blaster, a lubricant, I'll try to tug on it again later this week. Thanks all.
    I'm sorry but I posted the wrong link for the socket set... that one is SAE.. You need the metric set... It's a few dollars more. I have the one and it is great.


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      Yeah, no worries, no problem. I need to increase my collection of tools anyway now that I'm doing more repair work on my festiva. I don't like starting a project and not having what I need on hand. .Harbor freight always seems to have good prices too.Thanks.