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    I was just down there!

    We had pizza and soda and screwed around with the computer for hours!
    DJ called Brian on my cell to confuse him.
    All three of us got a laugh out of that!

    I met his family, all very nice people, and his favorite 15lb cat!

    I was supossed to stop in next month to pickup a hard drive of his music, movies, and apps he had made for me.
    We had planned on hitting a JY, if he and I had time!

    I will miss my friend!

    Inga, let us know if there is anyway we can help!

    John (Pu241)
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      Holy mother of Festiva, really sorry for the loss to you and us. God always takes the best when they are mist beeded.


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        Sorry to hear that and I just can't believe it myself... I never meet DJ in person before but I still respected him and his great work to keep us together at RIP DJ


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          that really sucks i know he is one of the older and more respected members on here i didnt talk with him much but i liked reading his articles and post maybe we can also send some flowers? this really sucks im sure he had a wealth of information and he shared most of it with us. where a small group and it sucks to loose such a good member. i hope to meet you in that festiva junkyard up in the sky one day


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            What a shame, I am so very sorry, in shock, and feel sick about your and our loss. Please let us know if we can help in anyway.
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              wow... that is just crazy, VERY sorry to hear about the loss of a good man!
              I hope you all are managing well and I'm sure the family here @ will be very supportive during this time...

              Our prayers go out to you.

              the keeper of a wonderful lil car, Skeeter.

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                yes we will do what we can to help you and your family inga, this is a shock to us all. he seemed like a great guy and i wanted to meet him when i could.

                my thoughts are with your family inga,
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                  My thoughts are with the family i am sorry to hear about what happened, if there is anything we can do to help please let us no.


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                    Shock and disbelief. I am so sorry. My prayers are with your family Travis.
           88 festiva LX w/BP G25 MR 5 speed waiting for wiring- 93 Festiva GL auto w/ air, waiting for B6t/G4A-HL - 98 Nissan Quest - 02 Mazda protege 5 wife's DD


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                      My condolences to your family. Although I did not know DJ personally, I can tell you this: His contributions and support to this website, and the Festiva community are far-reaching and truly appreciated.

                      Several of his posts made me realize what a great group of people are in this forum

                      Several of his other posts have helped me a great deal, in trying to find answers to my Festiva questions. Lord knows that most of the local parts/repair places do not have a clue about Festys...

                      Sorry for your loss,

                      Famous Last Words: "How hard can it be?"


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                        I don't know what to say. I feel as if my own father had died. Dj was a person I looked up to. Not only did he keep this community together, he asked our opinion on how to make it a better place for us. He was hardcore. He inspired, he helped, he did it all out of love for this car that few people like. Most of all he did for free.

                        Those who met him and knew him can vouch for that.

                        To the Hayek family, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

                        Take it back to the back porch, join the 3 string revolution.


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                          Dj was a great guy. He will be missed by many.

                          My sincerest condolences to the Hayek family.



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                            Man.... thats rough.... I am not even sure what to say.

                            Rest in Peace DJ... you will be missed
                            Ian Carr
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                            My old b6t- wish i still had it

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                              This just is horrible... Nothing else can really be said about the guy I consider the father of the festiva club.


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                                years ago, when i was just a young teenager lost with nothing but little red box shaped car to drive, i found this wonderful site, ran by a great man who seemed all too happy to share everything he knew about my little red box.

                                DJ will be very missed amongst all who benefited from his help, his enthusiasm towards a car i eventually learned to love as well, and an entire community that exists thanks to him.

                                My prayers and thoughts go out to the Hayek family.
                                1992 Festiva... BP-T, Escort G5MR, no crossmember, aspire brakes, Megasquirt, Toyota COP's, coilovers and 6 puck SPEC clutch!

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