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    im so sorry, i envied his knowledge and respected him as well. my prayers go out to his family.
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      Wow... I'm at a total loss for words here. I'll just share a memory of DJ... I've known DJ for quite some time. I began speaking over the internet with him way back in 2001, before I even had my license. He was still the same person, happy to share information and help another out. Now that I think of it, I can probably credit some of my interest in these weird little cars to him. I'm sure a few of you can relate. I met DJ back in 2003 at the Festiva Festival in Michigan. My brother, a friend and I had drove 5 hours from Ontario... he had driven something like 22 hours straight. Him and his son were the first people we talked to when we arrived. I can honestly say that he was one of the kindest, most approachable, generous and friendliest men that I've ever met... and that was after he had just driven 22 hours straight, right through the night! The world would be a better place if more people shared the same kindness towards others.

      To the Hayek family... I am terribly sorry for your loss. DJ was an amazing man. I know I'll miss him...
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        this is a shock!!! this is really hard to believe, i'm truely sorry for your loss and if there is anything i could do, no matter how small it may be, let me know

        he will be truely missed

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          I can only wish I could have met DJ. in person , I was looking forward to the day I did meet him .

          I talked to DJ. on the phone all the time , I could call on him anytime , without a problem concerning a problem with the site , or if I needed help with my computer , or just to call and talk and shoot the bull .

          DJ and I were close in age , and have been married almost the same amount of time , we shared a lot in common , and the same interest .

          I want to thank DJ. for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be a Moderator and then give the gift of being a Administrator .

          If it was not for the input of DJ. this site would not be where it is today .

          I will GREATLY miss him and his conversation .

          I have been sad all day , and still have a headache.

          God bless the Hayek family , I am thinking of you all

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            I'm very sorry to hear this.....thank you to his family for letting him share alot of his time with us here....we learned alot from him!

            He was only in his 40's !!!!

            From : Adam M
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              This is AWFUL. I hope this isn't a joke or something, because it's not funny.

              I knew DJ personally, I've been over to his house many times and got to drive some of his Festivas. He was a great guy and his death is a great loss.

              What is the future of With our leader being gone, will the board be shut down?
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                It is being handled in the moderator lounge, But at this time nothing is really known, we have to give his family the time they will need, before we can get down to business. I only hope with all the donations we gave for the site, we can keep it up and going till something is figured out.


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                  DJ will be missed here as well, because of this site is one of the only reasons I drive one!! The help and support that this community gives is invaluable, and DJ held it all together.

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                    wow, I'm deeply sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayer are with the family is this time of great loss. I had also been looking forward to meeting DJ someday in my festiva travels... God promised us there would be "streets of gold" in heaven, and I know DJ is there right now, probably cruising those golden streets in the baddest turbo stiva ever built, created by God himself, waiting for the day when its our turn and we will join him there for the ultimate festiva festival.

                    DJ you will be forever missed by this community you helped create and hold together.
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                      My sincerest condolences to DJ's family. My father was killed in a work accident and I know what a shock a sudden death can be. Lean on one another for comfort and remember there is a whole community here that shares your grief.
                      God bless your family.
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                        Sad. Very very sad.
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                          I will miss Dj, he was a great friend! I met Dj at a festiva Festival in Michegan, he was so easy to get along with and talk to. He was really into the Festiva and his site! What I will miss most is often late at night on a weekend we would have phone conversations sometimes till 2 in the morning. Often talking about Festivas, the site, and all kinds of subjects from A to Z! I too have had to call Dj when my computer went berzerk!

                          93 GL modyfied!!!


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                            Wow I really i dont know what to say. I never meet the guy but everyone that did came away with only good things to say. My heartfelt sympathy for the family.
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                              i'm very sad about this.


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                                wow, shock, sadness

                                Condolences, I never got to meet DJ, but I tried to read every post, every helpful comment.

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