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    Wow, I thought it was a joke too, I can't believe that DJ is gone! I will remember him fondly as someone from the start, of this board and one of the original people to even take an interest in these cars posting on the original and on the yahoo site way back when.

    He was truly instramental in the pursuit knowledge with this car and many other aspects of life as well. Although I never met him in person, (of which I very much regret) I feel as though I knew him very well. We would talk via email and PM's at length many times about festivas, but also about personal matters, family matters business, etc. I found him to be a wonderful, caring and understanding person who was very fair in countless matters. My condolences go out to his family, you will be in my prayers.
    Chris Rummel


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      My condolences go out to your family. Never met the man, but heard not but great things about him. Truely sorry for you loss, and ours here at as well. RIP DJ.
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        This is too bad.. What a cool guy, who I had the honor of meeting twice! He was supportive of me opening, which showed class on his part. I owe a lot of DJ, lot of his ideas have helped me with my projects. He was awesome, and I know they he will be missed.

        Let us know at FA.COM whatever fund that is setup. It would be great to give his family a little something.

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          You will be missed.
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            My thoughts and prayers go out to you the Hayek family,DJ will truely be missed.
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              I was came over here when I heard about it through another board. From my experiences with him he always seemed eager to help and was patient with everyone. Thanks DJ! We'll be thinking of you.
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                this is the weirdest feeling ive felt,

                i never met dj, but i feel like ive known him for awhile in person,
                DJ, this site will not forget you man, ive only been here for less than a year and i feel like you were my best friend, and im sure im not the only one that feels this way.
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                  WOW, I feel sick. I went for the first drive in my car tonight with the swap and was prob as happy as I have been in a LONG time and looking forward to getting a big congrats from him,and thanking him for this site. Cause without him,the site,and the generous people on this board this my car would never been done and I may not held my interest in a great car. This truly is a bummer and was praying it was a bad joke. My heart goes out to him and his family in there time of need. Anything we can do to help I'm sure everyone on the board will pull together.

                  He will be missed.
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                  RIP DJ


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                    I can't even put into words the emotions that I'm going through right now... I owe alot of my interest/passion about my Festiva to him and to all of his knowledge and love for this car. Right now a car seems meaningless but for me, although I never met him in person, is how I got to know him. I feel that I have known him for years, when in fact I never had the honor to shake his hand... My condolences go out to your family. He will be deeply missed... RIP DJ. -Kyle

                    P.S. Keep us informed of the fund situation..
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                      I can remember my first posts on the FML and DJs friendly, warm and polite nature I experienced back then. As far as i can say he kept this fine attitude on to this sad Friday.
                      To me DJ, along a handful of other people, was one of the fundamental cornerstones of the whole festiva complex.
                      There had been a few critical moments to the festiva community but one thing could always be taken for granted:
                      DJ was unbiased, he didnīt took party and was able to solve conflicts for good.
                      Living in germany I tried to get to the Festiva Festival since 2001, but unfortunately didnīt make it yet.
                      Now I know what Iīve missed. I wish I couldīve met him in person.

                      My condolences to Inga and Kids. Mach es gut lieber DJ!

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                        First of all i- (along with MANY MANY others) are truly saddened by the loss of dj. Unfortunately i didn't have the opportunity to speak in person, but have had several conversations with him, to which he has shown proffesionalism and friendliness. The family of Dj should raise their heads very high knowing how much he was loved, respected and honored through the community of Festivas and Aspires.

                        Thankyou Dj for making me feel so very welcome here. Rest in peace mate.


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                          My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and sons. He clearly loved you all very much, as he was quick to post pics and updates about Inga and his boys. He will be sorely missed. Tho I never met him, I emailed and PM'd him many times and he was always nothing but helpfull. He, and this site, are pretty much responsible for me not trashing the Batstiva years ago when I hit a deer with it. God Bless You D.J., and Rest in Peace Brother!!!!

                          If there's anything we at FF.COM can do for his family, we will gladly do it. Lord knows he's done so much for us.

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                            I just logged on and found out.

                            I never met DJ either, but I was looking forward to doing so one day. I've been impressed also with the way he ran this site. Always as fair as can be and professional.

                            My prayers go out for him and his family. I'm sure this site will live on in his memory for quite a while. Now let's do what we can to support his family in some small way.

                            Damn. What a loss.

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                              Well this really sucks... my condolences to the family.


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                                You will be missed.
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